vendredi 8 juillet 2011


Sonido Blundetto is off this summer. Holidays & then I'm going to mix the 2nd album, I can't wait to share new songs with you... Here are some of my guest on it : Courtney John, Jahdan Blakamoore, Aqeel, Hugh Coltman, Shawn Lee, Akale Wube Hornz ...

Thank you all ! see you soon !

Here are some fresh stuff (or not) for my summer playlist, you'll find music to watch sunset, to make love, to ride your bike, to do whatever you want to do when you got nothing to do.

Baxter Dury "Trophies"

The Cool Kids "What Up Man"

Natural Yogourt Band "Invisible Ink"

Bon Iver "Towers"

Darkstar "Aidy's Girl Is a Computer"