lundi 29 juin 2009


A very really fresh Lp for this summer. The man is Bibio and his first album is available on Warp (he released stuffs before that on Mush rec). Blundetto proudly presents 2 sweet pretty tracks from this long format named "ambivalence avenue". Stunning emo artwork by the way, and lovely juvely 7". The first tune, is a crossover pop funky lo-fi, "jealous of roses", The second one, after a minute of great guitare vibe is an addictive afro-pop tune, "lover's carving"

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Bibio "Jealous of roses"


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Bibio "lover's carving"


vendredi 26 juin 2009


Originally released in February 1970, East of Eden are Geoff Nicholson on guitar, Andy Sheddon on Bass and Geoff Britton on drums. Experimental psyche soul fusion stuff. Watch out ! This is hardcore !

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East of Eden "Gum Arabic Confucius"


mardi 23 juin 2009


It's always a pleasure to listen some old (mf) Doom stuffs. The Special herbs sounds like a great soundtrack for any trip. Blunted Blundetto, sonido desfonda, let's get chinese eyes !

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MF DOOM "Coffin nails"


vendredi 19 juin 2009

mercredi 17 juin 2009


El Michels again. This tune is a classic for me, I did the "cumbia loca" mixtape hosted by a spanish MC (El Zero) because of it. Jose Parla is the crazy voice on that track. I realized yesterday that I was talking the man by e-mail for the Blundetto's artwork, and I didn't know he was collaborating with the Truth and Soul crew...
Jose Parla is the most amazing graffiti artist of the moment.
He will be part of an exhibition July 26th at Emmanuel Perrotin gallery, Paris. It's an exhibit made for the benefit of Cancer research. The opening on the 26th is a group show that is opening that night with a special event, feat Takashi Murakami, Damian Hirst, Tom Sachs, Yoshitomo Nara, Cai Quo Gang, Geoff McFetridge, Raymond Pettibon, José Parlá of course, Ed Ruscha, Christopher Wool, Dzine, Eric White, Kenny Scharf, Os Gêmeos, Marc Newson, Rosson Crow, Taryn Simon, JR, Kaws,Suejin Chung, Lari Pittman, Aaron Young and Jules de Balincourt.
For your ears now, "La Valla", introducing the "Fallin' of the reel" Vol2, a compilation by Truth & Soul. Killer.

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Bronx River Parkway Feat. Jose Parla "La Valla"


mardi 16 juin 2009


Blundetto takes you to a ride in Ghana. The best track I've never heard in that kind of afro-dance stuff. Rough dancing afro hip-hop mood. Thanks 2 Emile Omar of Domino fi this one.

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K. Frimpong "Kyenkyen Bi Adi M'awu"


mercredi 10 juin 2009


A vinyl selection mix from Blundetto. Coming soon, the album with featurings such as The Budos Band, General Elektriks, Tommy Guerrero, Chico Mann and more. Download that selection, enjoy the summer with it. I’ll do another one for you when you get back from the beach. Artwork by Guillaume Leroyer.

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enjoy :

Arthur Prysock "I need your love"

Gary Burton "Las Vegas Tango"

Shuggie Otis "Island Letter"

Harry Muddie "Jam #1"

Joe Pass "A time for us"

Curtis Mayfield "Hard times"

The Professionals "Back stabbers"

Tesfa Mariam Kidane "Heywete"

El Michels Affair "C.R.E.A.M."

Mahavishnu Orchestra "You know you know"

Cedric Im Brooks "Satta Massa Gana"

Joya Landis "When the lights are low" (Blunde' edit)

Irma Thomas "Hurt's all gone"

Nyah Earth "Knight of the long knives"



How much bad haircut and lituanish style can you take ? 1969 song from the one hit dutch band Shoking Blue. (yeah, they did "Venus"... you already know that story)

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Shocking Blue "Love Buzz"


vendredi 5 juin 2009


The Belgium Combo Les Chakachas in a heavy sexy raw funk style.... Sonido Blundetto !

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Les Chakachas "Liza & Brook"


jeudi 4 juin 2009


The living legend Rodriguez was in Paris Monday the 1st of june @ Nouveau Casino. There's no words to describe the man's vibe. Lucky me, I met the guy the day after @ radio nova, where he played three accoustic tracks, that I'll maybe post here someday.
This was just an unforgettable moment, with a natural mystic blowing through the air (Yah man). His first masterpiece "Cold Fact" was reissued two years ago by the Seattle based label "light in the attic". The same crew have just released his second and last album "coming from reality". 40 years after, the vibe's still here and the "hispannic funky Dylan" definitely diserves a come back.

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Sixto Rodriguez "Sandrevan Lullaby-Lifestyles"


mercredi 3 juin 2009


Is this funk, pop or soul music ? Who cares ?... it's just a masterpiece, the perfect crossover. A tune I can listen a thousand times a week. Produced by the New Orleans genius Allen Toussaint.

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Aaron Neville "Hercules"