mercredi 17 juin 2009


El Michels again. This tune is a classic for me, I did the "cumbia loca" mixtape hosted by a spanish MC (El Zero) because of it. Jose Parla is the crazy voice on that track. I realized yesterday that I was talking the man by e-mail for the Blundetto's artwork, and I didn't know he was collaborating with the Truth and Soul crew...
Jose Parla is the most amazing graffiti artist of the moment.
He will be part of an exhibition July 26th at Emmanuel Perrotin gallery, Paris. It's an exhibit made for the benefit of Cancer research. The opening on the 26th is a group show that is opening that night with a special event, feat Takashi Murakami, Damian Hirst, Tom Sachs, Yoshitomo Nara, Cai Quo Gang, Geoff McFetridge, Raymond Pettibon, José Parlá of course, Ed Ruscha, Christopher Wool, Dzine, Eric White, Kenny Scharf, Os Gêmeos, Marc Newson, Rosson Crow, Taryn Simon, JR, Kaws,Suejin Chung, Lari Pittman, Aaron Young and Jules de Balincourt.
For your ears now, "La Valla", introducing the "Fallin' of the reel" Vol2, a compilation by Truth & Soul. Killer.

Click here and listen or right click and save as :
Bronx River Parkway Feat. Jose Parla "La Valla"


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