mardi 31 mars 2009

Boris Gardiner

The man collaborated with the jamaïcan band "The Upsetters" in the late 60's. He became a part of the permanent line-up during the Black Ark era (1974 / 1979), and started to chart solo at the same time. A soulful experience is hapenning.

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Boris Gardiner "You just got to be in love"


The Upsetters, c.1978 including Hermann Marquis,
Richard 'Dirty Harry' Hall, Lee Perry, Errol 'Tarxan' Nelson,
Boris Gardiner, Felix 'Deadly Headly' Bennet, Winston Wright,
Robert 'Billy' Johnson, George Faith, Junior Murvin and Cedric Myton
(courtesy of Palm Pictures, photographer Adrian Boot)

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  1. Great sound to celebrate Spring ; )
    Come on !!! It's ready !
    Thank you for all my men,