mardi 19 mai 2009


Panama esta bueno. The second volume of this brilliant soundway compilation will be available early june. Nice work again with lotta never heard tunes. Cumbia, Funk, Calypso, and fancy latin stuff. Today's sweety is a cover of Bill Wither's hit "ain't no sunshine". Sonido Blundetto !

Click here and listen, or right click and be an outlaw :
The Soul Fantastics "Ain't no sunshine"


2 commentaires:

  1. Blundetto, Have you heard Eddy Senay's reggae cover of "Ain't No Sunshine"? It's this identical track, minus the Ooo-oohs. What's the deal with that?

  2. I didn't know the track. Just checked on youtube. That's weird. Maybe Eddy Senay is one of the"Soul Fantastic.." ... don't know... I'm gonna check it out!