mardi 10 novembre 2009


Here it is girlz & boys, after the first one, No ID No Entry #2, another vynil selection. Love it and load it !

1 Intro : Michel Sardaby "Coulie’s Dance" & Ismael Reed
2 Ike Turner "La Vamp"
3 David Axelrod "A Divine Image"
4 Bohannon "Save Their Soul"
5 Carl Dawkins "Mr Satisfaction"
6 K.Frimpong "kyenkyen Bi Adi M’awu"
7 The Heath Brothers "Smilin’Billy suite part 2"
8 Amon Düül II "Kismet"
9  The Gaslamp Killers feat Gonjasufi "Kobwebs"
10 Whitefield Brothers feat El Michels Affair "Breakin’through"
11 John Holt "Strange Things"
12 The Universals "New Geneartion"
13 Bohannon "Happiness"
14 O’Donel Levy "Sierra Lonely" feat Steve McQueen.
15 Joe Higgs "Come On Home"
16 Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins "Cross Rhodes"
17 Little Joy "With Strangers"
18 Arthur Prysock "Seeping… So Still, So Still"
19 The John Betsch Society "Ode to Ethiopia"

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