mercredi 10 mars 2010


Based on traditional rythms and dances (Kazukuta, rebita, kabetula, semba), the urban angolan music of the late 60's / early 70's period were born from a strong desire to oppose a cultural resistance to the colonial portugese power. Music was actually the only way of soft protest. Artur Nunes, known as "the Spiritualist" because of his voice, was one of those freedom fighters; "Tia" became a standard of angolan music.


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Artur Nunes "Tia"

Artur Nunes "Zinha"

Artur Nunes "Mana"

4 commentaires:

  1. the first one in this post is my ulimate artur nunes track. the guy is pretty amazing.

  2. Damn right..."kisua ki ngui fua" is a winner.
    Thank you. I didn't knew tha track.

    By the way, I wanna play "POB emotions cream" in the next "No Id No Entry #3" mix. Are you down with that ?

  3. Download the album here: