lundi 24 janvier 2011


Well, I'm doin' my own thing ....

John Craig "Doin My Own Thing"


Oh, by the way, this one and the Thomas East song down here are pretty soon available on a Stones Throw reedition of the True Soul catalogue. Check it out.

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  1. Happy birthday then...have a good one!

  2. Hope you had a nice day....

  3. Oh yeah fo'sure I had a nice one !
    Thanx Myr !

  4. Hi!

    From Sweden...a fan...
    Looove both the John Craig and the Thomas East song. So, if I look for it at the Stones Throw Records website in a while I will find them? Or how does it work?

    I really would like to find out more about you and what you do. So, if you have the time and if you feel like it, maybe you can give me a short insight. Love the Bad bad things album too. That's how I found your blog.

    Anyways, thank you for all of the good music.


  5. Hey Amie
    Glad you like those songs. Yes, the "True Soul" compilation will be out on stones Throw, i'll post again when it will be ready.
    It's a nice thing to know that you liked my album, I'm know working on the new one and I hope I'll be done this summer.
    Anyway, i'll let you know!
    All the best from Paris

  6. Hi
    Where can I found John Craig Music.... I'm desperatly looking for it !
    who'st that guy.
    Congrats for your blog. real cool man.

  7. Hey Fred,

    I've never find a John Craig album yet, but two nice tunes on a stones throw compilation will be out soon. I'll post about it when it's out.