jeudi 13 octobre 2011


This isn't new (2009), this isn't exclusive (no), it was just playing randomly this morning in my ears. I had forgotten those great tracks from the band Get The Blessing. The Hornz section is the one for Portishead. Their album goes from smooth mystic jazz to post-punk Brass tracks. Stunning. It fits to the pic of the day, by mOnilola, give thanks, my lOve.

Get the Blessing "The Word For Moonlight Is Moonlight"

Get the Blessing "Tarp"


7 commentaires:

  1. This isn't new, nor exclusive, but it's very tasty ! I'm glad to hear again Jim Barr after Invisible Pair of Hands.
    Thank you !

  2. hey blunde' i wanted to send a private message but didn't to find out how! anyway,,i thought i'd send this link (i'm talking to the NOVA music digger here)

    it is still very little known and is very hype (almost too much but hey) but i thought that was something nova listeners would like.

    ps.i'm not telling you how to do your job..far from it..but that could definitely bis: these guys aren't my mates either..
    hope you're well,can't wait for blundetwo Lp

  3. Hey merci Kristof , je regarde ça !
    A vite

  4. New to your ears or not, these were def new to mine. Thanks a lot for highlighting them, like 'em a lot! Moody and nice!

  5. Merci Max de m'avoir fait découvrir Get The Blessing, je les ai vus hier soir sur scène : Grosse claque !! Manquait Clive Deamer, le batteur, en tournée avec Radiohead, il était remplacé par la batteuse qui officie chez Goldfrapp, impressionant !!