mardi 29 novembre 2011


I never posted any dubstep sound around here. Now it's done. I'm not a fan of this kind of vibes, but this one makes me headbanging like I never did since 1991. That's maybe because I really love the original from Barrington... Anyway, try it loud with A LOT of bass, you'll like it...
Another info, tomorrow @ La Cigale, Paris, I'm proud to announce Blundetto Soundsystem° very first Gig for General Elektrik's opening ! Big Tings We Gwan, Seen ?!

° feat Blackjoy, Blunde, and Camilo the Don !

Barrington Levy "Here I come" (Kromestar rmx)


4 commentaires:

  1. Yep, dubstep and reggae are matching quite really good ! I did a mix with that mood in mind on my podcast, maybe u'll find other banging tunes u'll like :
    Cheers M. Blundetto !

  2. Thank you ! Your mix in my ears next week end !
    Greetings !

  3. True !
    dubstep & reggae is a good mix of vibes...
    You should try too this song, & this other too .

    Enjoy you meal !

  4. What about that one :]