jeudi 8 décembre 2011


Croustibat is gone yesterday. Blundetto's guitarist and film director Julien Bittner was his spiritual dad, best friend, inseparable mate, and maybe more sometimes, who knows... Jul and Croustibat, seven years of a lovely collusive friendship story.
So long Crousti.

5 commentaires:

  1. Hey dude, I'm sorry for your loss,may you rest in peace Crousti. 7 years isn't bad for a fish having said this.

    here's a download link for the song you like ZAMMUTO - TOO LATE TO TOPOLOGISE

    take care


  2. Give thanx fi Crousti. You right 7 years is a f#*king long life fi di fish.

    And surtout Give thanx fi di link man ;-)

  3. ahhh...was the accent Enrico Macias or Linton Kwesi Johnson? i can't figure it out?