mercredi 18 janvier 2012


New mixtape with some of the best high level vocals from Jamaïca.
Xclusive in this mix : "Warm My Soul" by Courtney John & Blundetto, out february the 13th. I hope you'll enjoy this mix nicely hosted by Don Camilo.


Voices Of Jamaïca by heavenlysweetness

Intro with Don Camillo
Warm my soul – Blundetto with Courtney John
Love - Junior Delahaye
I’m the one to blame – John Holt
You just got to be in love – Boris Gardiner
Lonely soldier – Gregory Isaacs
The race – The Gladiators
Mongo walk – The in crowd
You’re not good – Ken Boothe
Won’t come easy- Seeny & The Wailers
Be thankful – Donovan Carlos
Lucky man – Courtney John
We people- Nicky Thomas
When the lights are low – Joya Landis (blundedit)
Mr wind – Ken Boothe
Reform institue (version) – Gregory Isaacs
Adis abab – Wackies all stars
Rocky road – Blundetto dubplate with Don Camilo
Voices re-dub-a-dub – Blundetto with Hindi Zahra

8 commentaires:

  1. Complete artwork, & download here :

    1. You know how to treat your followers though since "Warm my soul" stood out of the rest when i listened to the LP so Grazie mille signore.

  2. Thank you for this one ! Yes, it warms my soul.
    But I think there a missing song between "Warm My Soul" and "I'm The One To Be Blame". It's in a Wackie's style... but don't know what it is.

    1. That' s absolutely right Brother John, my mistake, it's Junior Delahaye "Love", Wackies style !
      Thank you.

  3. loving the mix Blund'...fabulous stuff on there...warm my soul being the highlight...Courtney John is actually getting better!!! if that was somehow possible...your very polished instru brings more fragility and layers to his amazing voice..beautiful tune...stunning job man.respect.