mercredi 12 décembre 2012


Early 80's jamaïcan music mix by Don Camilo & Blundetto.

Intro Fuzzy Jones
Fade Away - Little John
I love Christmas - Thriller U
Sugar Me - Conroy Smith
Run around girl - Chuck Turner
Girls go home - Coco Tea
Turn on the heat - Eccleton Jarrett
The feeling inside - Brian & Tony Gold
Ah no me she love - Chuck Turner
Tan good - King Tubby
Nah run from the clash - Trevor "Pan Bird" Levy
Round down the world - Nitty Gritty
Raggamuffin Rambo - Ackie
Aids - King Kong
Automatic - Mickey Murka
Watch how the people dancing - Kenny Knots
We try - Mickey Murka
Beautifull woman - Carl Meeks
Red eyes lover - Carl Meeks
Icky all over - Wayne Smith
E20 - Wayne Smith
Outro Fuzzy Jones

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