mercredi 23 janvier 2013


Piedmont fingerstyle specialist, folk / country / blues singer, Precious Bryant lately released 2 albums in 2002 & 2005. She died last week, at 71 years old. R.I.P.

Precious Bryant "the truth"

pb_wguitar02_zpsabdfa067 photo pb_wguitar02_zpsabdfa067.jpg

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  1. BLY ME! I got to say that song really struck me by its beautiful simplicity.Always liked the fact that you can decide to post the "one" song and then ciao see you guys later. I've done my research only to find out that she died last week bless her.Initially I thought it was Sixto Rodriguez with a funky wig.but it obviously wasn't.Thanks for posting this and for paying tribute.Love the way,since the Blundetto sound system played in Switzerland last'd be nice for you guys to cross "la Manche" and come and play in the your own time

  2. Merci Christophe, traverser la Manche, on y pense, on y pense!

  3. Un bon ami est directeur des programations a Coslton Hall a Bristol ( ne sais pas si l'endroit est trop grand mais bon, quand vous etes pret..give us a shout!