lundi 15 avril 2013


Because of the bees, the sun, the flowers in the trees... the real comeback of the springtime, it's all about love today. Let's celebrate Love.
4 times.

Arthur Pryzock "I Need Your Love"

Johnny Osbourne "We Need Love"

1619 BadAssBand "For A Taste Of Your Love"

Monty Alexander "Love And Happiness"

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7 commentaires:

  1. i like your spirit...unfortunately spring hasn't reached Bristol quite yet (what a surprise!)sun is still quite bleak and weak but those tunes are giving me an amuse bouche of what it feels like. (Ibiza last week helped too)
    as always good post...1619 BadAssBand "For A Taste Of Your Love" special mention...epic...also the only tune i didn't know.keep it on the sunny Blunde'!!

  2. hey congratz from Portugal!!! great post and great soundzzzz... t.hanks!!!
    when you come visit us ??

  3. cheers!
    I'd love to go to Portugal!!!

  4. Hey Mate, Wicked as always.
    I'm a big fun.
    if you need any sound man, give me a shout
    Easy star all stars.
    The Specials

    Marcos Ferrari
    +44 7882867060

    Bless up
    Keep dah fayah burnin

  5. Give thanx Marcos, I love Pama int & Easy Stars! 'Chuuuuuuuuh !!!