vendredi 7 mai 2010


One of Ghana's first afro bands in early 70's. Their music is a mix of traditional music with rock. They played in country's nightclub, dressed in traditional costumes and that was fairly radical and typified the new feeling for afrocentric roots and culture which was gainig popularity amongst the youth of the day. Four Hedzolleh's songs will be re-recorded by south african trumpetist Hugh Masekela for the album "Introducing Hedzolleh Soundz". the Soundway label strikes again with this first class
release. Please take a look on their great website :

Hedzoleh "Mee Bee (When)"

Hedzoleh "Kaa Ye Oyai (Don't be in a hurry)"


2 commentaires:

  1. Excellent blog (photos comme musiques)!

    Me fait découvrir plein de morceaux que je pourrais passer dans ma petite émission musicale et locale (Brest)!!!

    ps : ton album est excellent . (nous l'avons choisi comme album du mois...)

  2. ça c'est bon ! ça c'est bon ! ça c'est bon ! Je vais à mon tour aller me régaler dans la marmite à sons !