jeudi 24 mars 2011


Somewhere between calypso, classic pop and reggae. 1972, from the lp "Discover America" by the legendary and still very influent Van Dyke Parks.

Van Dyke Parks "John Jones"


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  1. c'est tres bien ca.different.trouver l'album a Bristol.merci pour le tip.
    je viens de poster ca

    have a good weekend

  2. hey mr. blundetto!
    i'm a brazilian big, big fan who just found your blog and woooowww!! 2 hours of musical delight.. what you do here is all that a fan could want!! i'm crazy about your album and podcasts and now have you sharing all this jewels with me is.. amazing! I appreciate that so much and immediately made this blog to thank you and say hello! couse I'll be here all the time now..
    my best wishes

  3. Hey Thank YOu !
    I'm glad to read that. It's my pleasure to spread the music ! By the way I'm not so much on the blog these days, cuz I'm working hard on the second album, I hope it will be ready after this summer, but of course I'll let you know !
    Greetings from Paris to (south) Brazil !

  4. Second album?!!! Great news! I'm looking forward to hear it, I'm sure it will fantastic again!!
    In the meantime I'll be here waiting for your music tips with my hearings and soul.. Thank you again for sharing and you can count on me to spread your work in Brazil! I'm already doing it!

  5. Many Thanx for your kind words & support !!!