mardi 5 avril 2011


3 Versions of a great song, "You're No Good", one of my fave reggae song ever with two of the best jamaïcan singers, Cornell Campbell & Ken Boothe, living legends.


Cornel Campbell "You're no good"

Ken Boothe "You're no good (aka Crying over you)"

Ken Boothe & Prince Jammy "You're No Good" (12" version)

3 commentaires:

  1. yo mr blunde!
    i'm not sure if that last comment of yours was also directed to me but i take the train anyway.
    I'm so pleased to read that your next lp is in the making and i'm sure all of your blog followers will forgive you not to post so much these days when it's for such a good cause.
    can't wait to hear your new musical adventures Blundinesque!
    good luck et bonne inspiration!

  2. ps: besides the Campbell version which is my fav..the first version of ken boothe skanks killingly.great post!